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What is the Gus Dudgeon Foundation?


The Gus Dudgeon Foundation was formed to preserve and promote the techniques of recording and production exemplified in Gus’s outstanding career and to give students from all walks of life the opportunity to learn and pass on these skills for future generations.



The Gus Dudgeon Foundation for Recording Arts was set up shortly after his death in 2002. Elton John, David Bowie, Chris Rea, Jennifer Rush, Elkie Brooks and Joan Armatrading were among the many leading artists who benefited from their association with Gus Dudgeon, one of Britain’s most respected and prolific producers.

If there was ever a person who would willingly give his time to help a struggling artist or recording engineer – it was Gus. Therefore an educational trust seemed most appropriate.


Summer Course

A week long “masterclass” is run every July to give students hands on experience of working with a team of recording professionals and is supported by JAMES. Students are selected by their tutors, so each year represent the top 8/10 graduating music technology students in the country.

The course involves working with a notable record producer to produce a single song with a chosen artiste consisting of backing track, vocal, and orchestral arrangement using strings and brass instruments.

The course always generates very positive feedback from all concerned especially the students who find the experience invaluable in helping them take the next step in their fledgling careers. So far some 75 students have taken part in the course and have gone on the work in various areas of music production and with artists such as Paolo Nutini, The National, The Horrors, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Goldfrapp.