Gus Dudgeon Foundation + James Summer Course 2017

Here's three snippets of mixed tracks that were recorded at this year's Summer Course; the artist is Matt Deighton.

It was a great programme to be involved in. It was ace to be in the studio with Ken and the team, we learned lots and came out with some great recordings!
— Ste Fisher, Heir

Student of the Week

What an incredible GusDudgeon/JAMES 2017 summer course at Leeds Beckett University! The group all worked so well together, and as every single student's participation and ability was particularly high, the lecturers, musicians and students felt that they were all 'Students of the Week'. So in true team spirit, the students picked names out of a hat and shared the INCREDIBLE prizes amongst 3 lucky winners…

Sam Geary - University of Derby
Alistair Henty-Blows -
University of Suffolk
Iain-Lauchlan McLeod -
Abertay University

A special mention to Edward Brothwood - University of Hertfordshire, who very kindly put his prize back into the hat. He felt being here for the week was reward enough & that some of his colleagues would make better use of the prize. What a lovely gesture Ed!
- KMR Audio - API 500 Series Lunchbox chassis
- Solid State Logic (SSL) - SSL Stereo Bus Compressor module for API 500 Series Lunchbox
- PMC Speakers - Pr PMC TB2S speakers

Congratulations from all of us at JAMES!

We are proud to support such a wonderful opportunity for the next generation of producers and engineers that Leeds Beckett the GDF and James are offering. Our best wishes go out to all involved!
— KMR Radio

Summer Course 2017 Students

Ben Loveland
"Ben’s work in his final year has been diverse in terms of the wider industry – with work in both music engineering and production and audio post for film. But common to all his work is an impressively strong work ethic, excellent attention to detail and the ability to harness technology in a creative manner." - Jon Thornton, Head of Sound Technology, LIPA.

Adam McDonald
Perth College UHI
"Adam scored the highest in out newly created mixdown techniques module at year 3. The mixes were judged by a team of lecturers who thought the mixes demonstrated a high level of skill and critical judgement. Adam has been a very motivated student throughout his studies and the delivery team feel that Adam will be a fantastic representative of our iprogramme and will gain a deep and valuable insight into production if working with a successful producer." - David Paterson, Programme Leader, Perth College.

Iain-Lauchlan McLeod
Abertay University
"The student has demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout his studies, which he has completed with an excellent Honours project." - Christos Michalakos, Lecturer, Abertay University.

Sam Geary
University of Derby
"Sam is an excellent student, he is due to graduate with a First class honours and he achieved the highest scores in the cohort. He is keen to continue the good work he has already done in the studio environment and I believe the would take enormous benefits from this experience." - John Crossley, Programme Leader, University of Derby.

Patrick Haynes
Anglia Ruskin University
"Patrick has consistently been at the top of the class in studio-based recording modules and has achieved the highest average mark across studio and portfolio modules in his second and third year combined. Patrick’s abilities as a sound engineer have developed in leaps and bounds since he joined Audio and Music Technology. He has also become a proficient and creative sound designer. Patrick thoroughly deserves this prize." - John Ward, Course Leader, Anglia Ruskin University.

Alistair Henty-Blows
University of Suffolk
"Alistair always works to the very best of his ability and has been actively involved in all extra curricular recordings. He has the determination to succeed in all work that he is involved in and has demonstrated that he is prepared to go the extra mile to achieve the desired outcome. The Gus Dudgeon Foundation JAMES Summer Course; will not only be gratefully received by Alistair but he will extract the maximum from the course." - Andrea Healey, Programme Director, University of Suffolk.

Leo Featherstone
Bournemouth University
"He is one of our best Production students, very talented, very engaged and an excellent producer. He also achieved the highest mark in his Final Year Project." - Dr Panos Amelides, Programme Leader, Bournemouth University.

Oliver Smith
University of Central Lancashire
"Oliver has shown himself to be totally committed to all aspects of the course, in particular the composition and recording production strand." - John Lacy, Course Leader, University of Central Lancashire.

Edward Brothwood
University of Hertfordshire
"Ed’s attention to detail is superb, he thinks creatively, and has always produced excellent work in the studio, as well as volunteering to assist on sessions both within UH and also externally. Ed has been an outstanding student throughout his time at UH, never missing a lecture; he always puts in 100% and will graduate this year with a very well deserved 1st class honours degree. He is in my opinion an excellent candidate for the GDF week." - Alex Baxter, Programme Leader, University of Hertfordshire.

Daniel Wallin
University of Wolverhampton
"Daniel has worked tirelessly and consistently throughout his time at the University. He is highly dedicated and endlessly enthusiastic, and he is ideally placed to learn a great deal from the course." - Matt Bellingham, Course Leader, University of Wolverhampton.